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Welcome to the DiningGuide service for the Charleston South Carolina area. Please select one of the listings below for a profile of a place to eat in the "Mediterranean" category. To return to the DiningGuide Charleston South Carolina home page, where you can search for restaurants in different categories, click on the "Charleston South Carolina Restaurants" link, above and at the bottom of the page.

Greater Charleston Show More

Athens Grill
Charleston 1939 Maybank Hwy.
843-795-0957 Moderate
Charleston 232 Meeting Street
843-805-5900 Moderate
Lana Restaurant and Bar
Charleston 210 Rutledge Ave.
843-720-8899 Moderate
Muse Restaurant
Charleston 82 Society Street
843-577-1102 Moderate
Tabbuli Grill Mediterranean & American
Charleston 6 N. Market St.
843-628-5959 Inexpensive
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Charleston Historic District North Show More

Blossom Cafe
Charleston 171 E. Bay St.
843-722-9200 Moderate
Sermet's Corner
Reader rating: 3.0 out of 5
Charleston 276 King Street
843-853-7775 Inexpensive
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